Friday, June 05, 2009


Mia has been ready for days for her friend, Taylors birthday party. It is so cute the way she says, "my friend". . . this was such a fun party for a very special girl:

"Happy Birthday, Taylor!"

Mia chooses her little bear friend. . .

stuffing our bears...

Mia just LOVED the fluffing station...

big hugs for "teddy" !

Taylor & Mia, and their bears! soaking it all in!

Fashion show time :)

Mia really enjoyed this party ~ she was mesmerized by the stuffing station; and decided mommy was better off stepping on that peddle :) When she had to choose an outfit for "teddy" all she said was "pink" ~ gotta love having a little girl :)

Thanks for a great party

Happy 4th Birthday "T" !!


Colleen said...

Ohhhh how cute!! We are going to build a bear tomorrow for Faith's birthday!!! We are celebrating with just a family day! I am laughing so hard because I can only imagine the outfit Faith is going to pick out!!!:)

Barbara said...

So glad she had such a good time...I was hoping she would. She looks precious as usual!!! Love her bow :)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Love the way that skirt looks on Mia. Adorable.