Sunday, June 07, 2009


Our local Families with Children from China had their summer BBQ this past weekend. All the rain during the week paid off - we had a sunny, beautiful day (and weekend!).

The BBQ was in a park by the water - such a pretty area - although it was bit windy (so glad I brought those sweatshirts my husband told me not too!). When we pulled up in the parking lot Mia immdiately spotted the playground; which is where she wanted to be most of the time...

Meaghan Grace and her family where also at the BBQ - Mia talked about Meg in the car the entire time. I tried my hardest, but these are the best shots I could get of the girls:

Yes, I was making a monkey noise,
so they immitated me...

Of course, our FCC bbq served
Anthony practicing his diabolo with Meggie's brothers

Mikey & Eddie always have fun together

under the playset!

don't they look suspicious?!

must you go head first?!
yup :)

my big boy

my little guy

The Chinese Yo Yo team put on a great show!
so sweet :)

~ Lucky Mommies ~


Barbara said...

GREAT pictures as always. Everyone looks so nice and it looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Noone loves a play ground like Miss Mia :) She is just the cutest!!!

Anonymous said...

Soo funny, we did too. Its adorption fellowship not fcc but still, same weekend bbq, we always seem to be doing the same thing! Looks like a great group!!
Sharon, (aBaileys mom)