Thursday, June 11, 2009


or I say "flip flops", are Mia's new obsession of late. She loves when mommy wears them, and finally I gave in and bought her a pair; however, this is how she wears them:

Mia cannot bear to put the piece between her toes - when I try to help her out she'll say "hurt here!" I'm on the lookout for "fwip fwops" with a real thin thread-like piece between the toe, maybe that will help?! Anyhow, she picked out this pair and after she wears them for a few minutes, she'll put them in her pocketbook or bag and just carry them around ~ so proud to have "fwip fwops" :)

And, this is the bathing suit Mia Hope picked out ~ princess-pink, frilly, tutu-ish and girly! Ahhh, it's fun to shop with my daughter :)


Dawn said...

I LOVE watching her walk in those fwip fwops!!! Lucy will NOT wear them either...she doesn't like them between her toes either...Love the cute bathing suit!

Barbara said...

Oh My...I don't know which one is cuter...the bathing suit or the fwip fwops!!! She is just adorable in every way! I love her taste in Bathing Suits...she loves precious as always!!!

Daniella said...

oh she is such a girly girl - I love it and I'm a fwip fwop girl myself ;) the video was adorable.
thanks for your kind words and your prayers - I appreciate them so very much.

amy said...

how precious is that little girl?

Colleen said...

Ohhhh she is too cute! I am picky about my fwip fwops too. They have to be very comfortable. What an adorable bathing suit!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What a doll baby! I don't blame her one bit. Fwip Fwops hurt my toes too! Whoever designed them must never wear them. :)

Enjoy your day!