Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My big guy had his field day (last week) and Eddie, Mia and I came to cheer him on. It has been an extra fun year, since Anthony has Meggie's big brother in his class! The weather held out - we've had some crummy June days, very wet, cloudy, just yuck! On field days in the past, it has been hot & humid - this year it was almost a bit chilly?! Anyhow, we had fun, as usual, watching Anthony :)
~ clowning around ~

~ Mia high fives Ant ~

The local fire dept brought by a fire truck & some hoses~
the kids really got a kick out of this~
they had to hit a target a few feet away!
Eddie ( &Mia) circled the fire truck
they were very impressed!

Ant's 5th grade class
Also, last week, Anthony's class had their "writers celebration" where the parents were able to come in and read their child's poetry & writings they had done throughout the year. I was so very touched ~ Anthony wrote a beautiful piece about the day we were in Hershey Park in Aug 2007, when we received our call with our TA (travel approval) for Mia! It was beautifully written and very touching. We also saw a video/movie of what the class has done throughout the year:

Mia had fun with Meggie & Mikey

Ant & his 5th grade teachers

We are SO PROUD of you Anthony!
(Eddie was in afternoon K!)

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Barbara said...

Anthony's field day looks like a lot of fun. Eddie must have been thrilled with the fire truck. I love the shot of Mia "Hi-5ing" Anthony! I look forward to reading Ant's paper...he is the best!!! Love all the pics as always!