Sunday, June 21, 2009


Friday: Daddy took off from work to come to Anthony's movin' up ceremony; our big boy will start middle school in September! We are so very proud of him, he is an excellent student and his teachers have always loved having him in class ~ what else could parents ask for?!

The ceremony was supposed to take place outside, but since we have been "Under Water" (as a newspaper article described today), the ceremony took place in the gym and was changed around a bit to suit everyone - still it was very moving and touching for this mommy!

can you feel the excitement :)
Ant with his 5th grade class taking their DARE oath.
They also sang "lean on me" - had to fight back the tears!

Ant made this for a poster contest,
it's funny, as I was looking around the gym at the posters...
I took a photo, just knowing that my boy had made this!
When I showed him the picture, he said, "how did you know it was mine?"
A mom just knows :)

Friday night we met up with our friends at a local "port" for dinner, ice cream and playtime! The weather cleared up a bit and it turned out to be a gorgeous night:

pretty princess at play!

Eddie's class had went to our local fire dept.
for his class trip today. He loved practicing his drills!

We love to watch Mia at the parks. She has such gusto and
is never intimidated by the big kid slides or play areas!
It can be scarey for mommy & daddy at times to watch ~
that's why we send up the big brothers to supervise :)
Eddie's godfather tickling him :)
Maddy thinks her daddys the BEST!

*Mia started out with matching orange leggings...we had to change into these pink ones after she was standing on the playground steps, and declared "pee pee" as she did just that all down her leg and into her sneakers! Thank goodness I brought an extra pair of undies & leggings. She has been doing SO well with potty trainning the last week, but I guess being out & about threw her off (even though I brought her to the car twice to "go"?!!!) Oh, well this is our last time potty trainning a child - there are always some setbacks - again, I'm so glad I brought extra stuff :)

Saturday: Eddie had his very last t-ball game. We've had so much fun watching him play the last few months. He is such a character and so much fun to watch :

Ready for anything (hee, hee!)

This is usually our boy in the outfield :)
Daddy said next time we'll bring him a lawn chair!

Mommy adores her little boy!
Afterwards, his team went out for Italian Ices,
lemon is our boys favorite flavor :)
A short video of what goes on, on the sidelines:



So sorry it's rainning again ~ and poor daddy has a cold ~

but we will make it a special day in spite of it!!

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Barbara said...

Great shots as always...glad to be a small part of all the excitement!!! I love the video of Mia cheering her brother on and laughed at the photo "can't you see the excitment!!" That was great! Happy Fathers Day to Ed...hope he has a great one and that he feels better quickly! You guys have had enough sickness for a long time!!!