Sunday, August 30, 2009


We are approaching Mia's 2 year Family Day very soon ~ and our girl continues to amaze us every day ~ she has come so far and we are incredibly proud she is our daughter!

On Thursday, Aug 30th we kissed our boys good-bye ~ we wouldn't see them again for 15 days! We knew it would be a journey like no other, but we really didn't/couldn't fully understand the impact of adoption and the country of China ~ it really does change you, for the much, much better :)

Meanwhile, our girl was living in the Guiping SWI since she was 3 months old, and we prayed she was in good hands and being prepared for her transition into our family...

these photos where from our care package camera ~
they make me sad everytime I look at them ~
the SWI looks very clean, but lonely ~
our girl (Dan Dan) is 19 mos old!
she was crawling & cruising, but not yet walking~
Jin Yu Dan~
All this would change in a few shorts days, 2 years ago our 19 month old daughter needed us and we desperately needed her! I remember boarding a train (on the way to our plane) and we were talking to the conductor and other passangers about our journey ~ we showed off pictures of our daughter ~ we were so proud!
Once again, I'll be reminicing about our trip to China ~


Barbara said...

In some ways it seems like yesterday as you prepared for your journey and in so many other ways it feels like Mia has been a part of our lives forever! Oh how she touches everyone she meets...the way the kids all want her attention...she truly has a way about her. I know I (we) can't imagine life without her. Real hard to look at those pictures, though I know it could have been much worse. I laugh when I think of her "demanding" what she needs now...Mia has sure come a long way from that orphanage :) So glad to be a part of her life!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

It makes me cry hinking about that emotional for you guys and yet so emotional for me too. We love Mia, and are amazed at how much she has grown in so many ways.

Debbie said...

Perfectly said Barb! It's hard to look at those pictures again... and see the same child because her spirit is unlike any other.. it's just incredible and her determination to live her life without sometimes fear is just remarkable! Seeing Mia grow over these past two years and all that she has learned and experienced is just the beginning of her amazing life.. for I know in my heart she is destined for great things! Like Barb said, we have all been so blessed to be a part of her life (when she smiles and laughs.. she can light up a room!) and I will forever hold her even close to my heart because on they day she landed HOME was the same day as my Birthday 9/13! So will always share that incredible moment.. my beautiful Goddaughter!
Love her so much... XOXO