Monday, August 31, 2009


. . . we were climbing The Great Wall of China! It was an unforgettable day of siteseeing, meeting our travel mates and learning about our daughter's birth country ~ Our amazing view!

Daddy climbed to a "hero's height", up & up he went!

So this was where we were at 2 years ago today; however, on this day this was our gorgeous view:

Little Miss Paige came to visit ~

I love how Mia is sitting, looking at her~

my neighbors (literally) flew over to greet Paige & her mommy~

yes, everyone who sees Paige, falls in love with her ~

when Paige saw the kids come in, she quickly crawled over to them,

and pulled herself up on one of their legs and "talked" to them ~ adorable!

Auntie Lisa gets emotional over Mia's hugs,

our girl's comfort level is. . . there :)

Two years later, we have all come a long way. . .


Colleen said...

Awww these photos are adorable!! I can't get over how grown-up Mia is looking!!! Of course she looks huge next to Paige!;)She has blossomed into a confident and beautiful little girl in the past 2 years!! What a blessing!!!

Barbara said...

Mia looks so big next to Paige...~wow~ These are great shots of these two little ladies! Mia really seems to enjoy the being the big girl. I am so used to her being the little one :) Very sweet!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Mia is just so sweet. You know I am enjoying those big hugs. It warms my heart how she loves Paige. Wow 2 years ago, it does seem just like yesterday as I look back.