Friday, September 18, 2009


Over the summer, Meaghan Grace's family had some friends over to play and swim ~ most where meeting little Miss Paige for the first time too:Pretty Paige!

Owen just adored Paige

I love how he is touching her cheeks :)

Ella adores her too :)

Three unbelievably precious girls!

Mia & Meg floating~
What a girl!

Meggie loved to show me how she swims underwater ~ what a little fish!
Can you stand the cuteness?!

My little "Ester-Williams" as she's been called :)

It was, and is, so sweet to see all of our little ones together ~ we all waited so long to have our babies home - together... This is just the beginning of our happy moments together :)
Yesterday we gave some moral support to Paige & her mommy when she went to get her ears pierced!
I think Mia looks more nervous than Paige!
Paige was such a trooper! It was done one-two-three and she did great! Mia just kept saying "baby Paige cry!" - wonder if it brought back any bad memories for my little princess??!
Go on over to Paige's blog to see more photos!


Colleen said...

Too much cuteness Joanne!!!:) So sweet to see the girls together!!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Love all the memories.... and thanks for saving ME when we went to get Paige's ears pierced.

Barbara said...

The pictures are all adorable!!! Such nice memories!