Thursday, September 17, 2009

~ CATCH UP, Part I ~

First off, I will start with the boys trophy day from their Spring season of baseball ~ Anthony's team won first place in their division and then went on to win the playoff's! He was so excited to win a "big" trophy this year :) His team learned to work so well together, it was really a team effort and, boy was it an exciting season! My little guy got his 1st ever trophy and was beaming from ear to ear! He was planning on where he would place his trophy on his dresser so he could see it from his bed :) Too cute! Yup, they're dirty even though they didn't play a game today!
Next, we started the football season off with our buddies the "C" family by ordering in some heroes and basically EATING :) The kids were all over, some watched the game, most of them just played and ran around...just having fun :) The "C" family surprised us and brought over a yummy crumb cake ~ with crumbs that were just huge ~ and a #2 candle to celebrate Mia's two years of being home (we arrived home from China Sept 13, 2007) ~ so sweet, thanks guys for thinking of us & Mia in this way:

Two years together a family ~ WOW!
We are blessed :)

This next photo is of Mia and the apple of her eye, Brandon (who happens to be our godson :)
Mia is just smitten with him and will grab his hand and flirt with him ALL the time! She glows when she says his name and will talk about him and ask about him when he's not around. Brandon is soooo good with her and soooo patient too ~ thanks honey :) It is so sweet to see Mia affectionate with someone, since she's had some issues with closeness ~ she is just such a loving and sweet girl ~
Hugs for "Bran-on", as she calls him :)


Dawn said...

Your boys are getting so big...and they are just so handsome!! Happy 2 years home with your Sweet Mia~

simply t said...

Has it really been 2 years???? Time flies doesn't it? Mia is blossoming right before our eyes and the boys are getting so big! Happy 2 years together!

Barbara said...

Such great memories...glad to be a part of some of them! You are a beautiful family! Happy 2 years!!!

Miriam said...

Happy 2 years as a family of five! Congrats to Anthony and Eddie - so proud of you boys! Love you!