Friday, October 02, 2009


Finally got some shots of my big boy in his travel team uniform ~ he's been playing all summer long on this league and also continued into the fall.

He truly loves the game of baseball; and that makes it all worth while: the rushing around, throwing snacks & drinks into a cooler, keeping an eye on Eddie who loves to play with all the siblings, and my other eye on Mia AND my other eye on watching Ant play his game (oh, that's right I don't have that many eyes!!) That may be why it can be tough, until daddy can get to the games after work :)

A few action shots of our pitcher ~ I get SO proud watching him in action ~ it's the best!

The fall league is coming to an end, next week I think ~ then we start up again in the spring. . .

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Barbara said...

Go Anthony...great seeing him in action! I didn't know he was pictching this time...he looks great!!!