Thursday, October 01, 2009


Hi, and welcome ~ I feel so good about going private - a bit more at ease and comfortable :)

Life has been good over here ~ it's feeling "fall-ish" and at times cold! The kids are doing so well in school and our routine is coming along. The only days I really feel rushed are the morning Mia has to be at school; which are only Tues & Thurs, but she has to be ready to go as soon as Eddie's bus comes at 9 am - I haven't been late yet, so I guess I'm doing something right :)

Mia seems to like school. She is happy when I pick her up and the other day I got to watch her on the playground - that was awesome! I was able to watch my girl go on the swings, go down the slide all with a "happy" run through the playground. I knew she was happy! Great! On the mornings I tell her she has school, she gets a bit upset and sometimes there are a few tears, but she quickly gets over it and is fine. Today's drop off was free of any tears at all!
Mia waiting to go into preschool
Meg & Mia check each other out : )

Mia liked Meg's necklace

It is SO nice to have the girls in the same class
they do not spend every moment together,
but I know it is comforting to them :)
Happy girls running up and down the ramp before class!

This is Mia & Meg doing their "attendance"
Once in the classroom the kids have to put away their backpacks, and then come to circle time and do attendance. This is where they find their laminated picture on the floor (with their name under it) and put it up on the felt board. Then, they go sit down in the circle - ready for class to begin. Can you say "adorable" !!!
One of my favorite moments is walking in the classroom to pick Mia up ~
the smile that lights up my girls face is priceless
Well, of course


Miriam said...

So glad to be able to catch up 'privately'! Mia looks quite happy to be in school, an it is so nice that the girls can be together. They are adorable!

Barb said...

Mia looks so adorable going to school...she really is such a big girl now. I love watching her grow, and the fact that she is happy with school is the BEST!!!

The Things We Carried said...

Oh gosh, Mia has a smile to light up the world! DARLING! Thank you also for allowing me to continue following your blog!