Friday, October 16, 2009


My girl has been doing so well lately. . . she communicates much better and we have been working on some "techniques" to help her speech along ~ she even has her own notebook and "homework"; which consists of pictures for her to practice. She has been working on the ending sounds of words and she sounds really good :) She is also working on verbs: running, jumping, mixing, etc. She works so hard and really wants to please. . . most of the time. When she has had enough, she will try to "change the subject" or ignore the speech therapist ~ it is quiet funny :) Sometimes she has trouble sitting still for 30 minutes and the ST will "block her in " (they sit at a little table in the living room) or will keep saying "sit down Mia", "look here Mia", etc. She will always be my active girl :)
Preschool is going well for the most part. She really seems to enjoy the class and LOVES the playground. It is still hard for her to say good-bye to mommy and as soon as I go to kiss her good-bye, the tears start. . . breaks my heart. The teachers are great though and by the time I peak back in the room, she is distracted and the tears have stopped - ahhhh, now mommy can go...

Some of my favorite things Mia is saying now: "My Chinas", whenever she sees something "Chinese-like", like the show Kai-l*n or one of the souvenirs we brought back from "her Chinas". She also says it with such pride : ) I LOVE IT!!
Another cute Mia-ism: "Mia busy"; yup, she's always busy :) And I love the way it's ALL about Mia!

Mia is such a joy :)


Barbara said...

Oh my...she is so cute. She sure is a busy girl :) and such a cutie pie!!!!

Colleen said...

She's adorable Joanne! Glad to hear her speech is coming along so well!!! Have a great week-end!!