Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Last Friday, Mia and I ; along with Paige & her mommy, went to the family court building to begin our re-adoption!
It's really quite easy- we filled out some papers, had them notarized, made copies of some important documents from China; and basically handed them in... In about a week or so we'll get back a form, send it in to Albany and then we'll receive Mia's NY State Data Certificate, which will be her "birth certificate"!
I am very excited to finally have this last piece of paperwork done - adoption involved LOTS of papers!

Adoption involves LOTS of emotions!

Adoption involves LOTS & LOTS of love :)
When we receive Mia's "birth certificate" it will go in a secure and very safe place, for it will make life much easier one day when she wants to go to college, travel or get married
when she wants to


barbara said...

Congrats on having that taken care of...the girls are adorable together!!!!

The Things We Carried said...

LOVE her coat. The adoption road is long, but oh so worth it! I always wonder if my children will adopt from the impact of Jane. I have not considered SHE may adopt...Oh my gosh, then she would know that she knows that she knows that I LOVE her with every fiber of my being :)! Beautiful post! Thanks!

Daniella said...

great pics for this special part of the journey!

Colleen said...

Joanne, just catching up on all of your posts since you went private....for some reason they are not showing up on the updates on my blogs I follow. (have to see about that) Love that you made "mooncakes'!! I have not attempted this yet! I know, I am awful! You have inspired me to try it next year!! :)
It does feel really wonderful to do the readoption here in the States. We did Faith's a year after the exact date of her adoption in China. So sweet that Mia was able to go with Paige. She is growing up so fast...you can really see it next to little Paige!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

What beauties! Love the coat! Wow, I bet that is such a relief. We have been struggling to get the SS# and birth cert. for Mia Hope.
My adopted 14 year old has expressed interest in adopting. What a blessing adoption is!!!

Have a great day!