Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Mia Hope had a fantastic 4th birthday ~ she smiled and giggled and danced throughout her day ~ she just loved being the birthday girl :)

I left my camera at preschool and her teacher took a few pictures: Mia Hope & Meaghan Grace

When I picked Mia up from preschool, she was so thrilled to show me her birthday crown ~ she wanted to wear it the entire day - so cute! I picked up a few balloons while she was in school - her smile grew even wider when she walked into the house and saw her balloons!

She had me tie the balloons to her skooter
and she happily flew around the house!

After lunch we went over to Meggie's house ~ to our surprise Meggie's mom made a gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake cake and decorated in honor of the birthday girl ~ wow!

Thank you Auntie Michelle for making a special
afternoon even MORE special!!

The rest of the afternoon, Miss birthday girl relaxed a bit and watched some cartoons - she looked quiet tired... daddy came home from work a little bit early and the celebration continued:

Mia loved her princess bike!

big brother lends a hand~

While Mia rode her bike around the house...
her brothers waited patiently to give her their gifts :)

Look at that sweet face!
Our precious 4 year old!


Barbara said...

Oh, I am so glad that she had such a wonderful day...seems perfect :) just like she deserves!!!! She is just adorable, sweet and precious!!!

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday Mia!!!!! Wow! I can not believe she is 4!! What wonderful celebrations she has had! Looks like lots of yummy her cupcake cute. Many blessings for a wonderful year of being 4!!!