Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I cannot believe I didn't take any Valentines's Day/Chinese New Year photos on Sunday! It's not like me, but we did have a real nice day together :) We had a new french toast (I made heart shaped pancakes when the kids had their snow days during the week - so I thought I'd do something a bit different) - it was called Fluffy French toast and I got it from Allrecipes.com (which is where I get many recipes these days). We ate our french toast (which was good, but no different really from my own; which I dip in egg and sprinkle with a cinnamon and sugar mixture) and then we exchanged Valentines - fun!

The kids went outside in the snow - the weather has been nice to just go outside for a couple of hours at a time, building snowman and snowforts.

Brothers :)

I asked Eddie to build me a "much needed snowman",
since I haven't had one yet this year ~
I don't know who's cuter...ummm, yes I do!

A work of Eddie-art!

On Friday, I was the mystery reader in Eddie's class~I read a "Bunny Love Story" and "Dragon Dance". He was so surprised/happy to see me - that he came running over and must have hugged me for 10 minutes straight :) We've had some trouble with Eddie's teacher this year - she's not the ideal teacher for him; which is putting it mildly. I worry so much about him while he's in school and I love these moments when I can "see" what his class is like. He is a trooper and we will stick it out for this year, but next year I will make sure he has the right teacher!
Anyhow, we ordered in Chinese food for dinner and then we all watched the movie "Earth"; which was beautiful, but the kids did get bored and wanted to know when it would be over!
Daddy was off for Presidents Day and it was such a nice day out (in the 40's), that we decided to ALL go sleigh riding together at a nearby school. It wasn't the best hill, but we sure had a good time - it's been years since I"ve been on a sled and I don't know who had more fun :)

I love this shot of Anthony jumping onto his tube/sled behind daddy!
The boys couldn't get enough!
Anthony gives us a great big push!
Eddie had a ball and I love all these smiley pictures of him!
Mia and mommy resting for a bit
Eddie got hungry
My handsome boy!

I cannot wait to go back...
oh, and the kids too :)

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Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Looks like a great time.. I can't remember the last time I was on a snow tube either....