Thursday, February 11, 2010

~ "GUNG HAY FAT CHOY" - with a friend ~

On Tuesday, Mia dressed in her Chinese outfit for school. We (along with Meaghan Grace and her mommy) where going to talk about Chinese New Year (which begins Feb 14th) in the girls preschool class. We had a great book to read (My First Chinese New Year) and a dragon puppet craft to do with the class ( which we found in the back of this book:"Dragon Dance".
mommy tried to get some photos:

and finally succeeded :)
Mia in her preschool class
She sure is a China Princess :)

Mia & Meg's friendship has really grown this year ~

They always ask for each other
and they play SO well together :)

What a blossoming friendship it is!
Mia wears her Jade bracelet; Meg wears her pearls;
Mia's Chinese name was "Jade"; Meg's Chinese name was "Pearl"
The teacher asked the girls to stand and explained that
Mia and Meg where adopted from China.
It was such a special moment,
the girls being able to stand together ~
and not alone was and will be SO meaningful to them!
Mia and Meg listen to Michelle read about their China~

After reading the book, we helped the children make the dragon puppets,
four kids at a time ~ it was fun! We also put together a goody bag for the kids;
it had Chinese themed pencils, pads, yo-yo and noise makers(drum).
It was very special being able to do it all
Together :)


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

The picture of the two girls together is so adorable. How great is it that they have each other!!!!

Barbara said...

Oh Jo that is so gave me the chills. What a special, unique relationship the girls have. Mia looks so pretty all dressed up and together they are just adorable!!! What a special post!

Colleen said...

Just getting caught up on all of Mia's Birthday celebrations!! Looks like she partied enough to last for the year!!:)
How wonderful for you all to have each other to share these special times together. You are making such special memories for the girls. They are just too adorable together!