Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Our local Families with Children from China had their Chinese New Year celebration over the weekend, and Mia and I went with our good friends and neighbors! It is always so nice when we're all together - it was just the moms and girls this year - fun!
The best photo I could get of the 3 girls!

Mia and her "Paigey"
While we were downstairs at the marketplace (shopping is always SO much fun!) the lion dance started upstairs. Lucky thing we weren't up there because it was LOUD and Mia was not liking it at all. She was all teary eyed and I sat down with her and read her a book we bought ("Maya's Journey Home" which was written by one of our FCC members!) until it was over. She was very weary to go upstairs again. We had an agenda written up for each age group and our next stop was the theater for the drum dance. I wasn't sure Mia would like this - was it going to be very loud?

The drum dance was for the girls to do!
The instructor gave each of them a little Chinese drum
and showed them all the steps.
(Mia's face is very unsure, scared - she is checking with me to
make sure it's o.k. I wasn't sure she'd stay up on stage, but she did!)

I love how Paige is watching all the big girls :)

I got such a kick out of the seriousness on this stage :)
I love how Mia was concentrating and really trying!

Look at this baby girl!!!

Sweet, sweet photo ~
Mia watching Paigey watching the instructor :)


Paige kept running around the stage and we were afraid she'd jump right off!
Ahhh, she's sitting with mommy watching the "show"

little dance steps

so serious, so cute, so darling!

the face of concentration
I was so proud of my Mia - watching her up on that stage. She has come such a long way. She is much more comfortable and trusting in others and in her mommy. She knows I will always be there for her ~ she is not as scared or weary as she once was. I wish I could fix it all in the snap of a finger, but it takes time - which is fine...

Our next stop on the agenda was calligraphy!

Mia is taught the proper way to hold the brush~
The girls dipped their calligraphy brush into a cup of water - the paper they had was quick drying - smart! Mia had so much fun and loved the dipping part. She also really tried her best to follow the instructions :) Of course, we left with the room with a bang: Mia spilling the water all over the table! It's o.k., I'm used to making a scene where ever I go :)
Beautiful young ladies dressed in minority outfits!

Meaghan and her mommy!
Paige and her mommy!
Michelle and Lisa made out big time at the Chinese auction; each winning three prizes each! It was very exciting...even though I walked out empty handed - my heart was full. We all have such a special bond and I treasure the times we spend together!

O.k., it would have been nice to win one prize!
Half a prize? :)

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Barbara said...

These are memories that you will always treasure...so nice and so special. I LOVE Mia's serious face when she is concentrating...just precious! She is TOO cute!!!!