Thursday, March 11, 2010


Mia and I went to her annual cardiologist appointment the other day. I always get nervous before these appt's and hope and pray that the VSD (hole in the heart) has not reopened...
She did great, she listened, she lay still and was very quiet... The sonogram was over 20 minutes long ~ but my girl is growing up and finding patience! I was so very proud of her~

After all the tests, we met the doctor in his office for our consult...
he smiled and said to go home and enjoy her. The hole is "teeny tiny" !

Mia will have to take an antibotic before going to the dentist
so she doesn't risk getting an infection~
But we can deal with that!
He wants to see us again next year ~

Maybe, just maybe next year there will be no hole at all~
Come on "hole" and just close already!!!


Barbara said...

Mia looks so adorable in her MJ dress :) Oh my! So sorry I didn't ask you about the appt...I really am dizzed out lately, but that is no excuse. That is GREAT news and I am hoping next year will be your last visit to Dr. L!!!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

the best of news!!! I am on Barbara's brain wave... I didn't even know you had an apt. this week. Love the Mtj dress.