Sunday, March 21, 2010


We attended our little man's Blue & Gold ceremony the other night. Eddie was so proud to put on his Tiger Cubs uniform and I was so proud he had a night where we all cheered him on. He has really enjoyed his first few months of Cub Scouts; the meetings, the pack nights and all with his cousin by his side :)
Eddie and Daddy attend these meetings together, even though Daddy rushes home to eat and run out the door to the den meetings - they both love having this time together.

The ceremony was held at our local Boy Scout grounds - it was a huge, wooded area with trails down to the lagoon. Since we have been having some gorgeous weather, the boys ran around outside in between dinner and awards.

Eddie with his cousin and fellow Tiger Cub

I love the look on their faces when they receive their new badges :)

Silly Brothers

Mia's favorite part was the ice cream bar!

Congratulations honey!
We love our Tiger Cub!!!


Barbara said...

Congrats to Eddie!!! I love his sweet and so cute!!!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Oh fun... Congratulations Eddie. I remember those blue and Gold dinners..How great it is that he is doing this with his cousin.

Debbie said...

Eddie the Tiger Cub, YEAH! So fitting for your little Tiger Man!
So proud holding his badges!