Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had some gorgeous weather here last week (it's been raining the last 2 days) and Mia had a ball playing outside with her brothers. It was So nice to be outside in the sun :) Mia loves to ride her two-wheeler, with training wheels! that she got for her 4th bday. She is so cute riding around, with a very serious- face- of -concentration on! The last few days she's been telling me she won't go on my bike with me anymore :( She says that she is too big and she would rather ride her bike! Oh! where has my baby gone??? Not too worry, this mommy hasn't given up, the child-seat says "up to 40 lbs" and she still has a ways to go to reach that! There is hope :)

Last week we had a visitor from Memphis...."Flat Stanley" came to hang out with us and we took him all over. He visited Anthony & Mia's schools (Eddie didn't feel comfortable bringing him in - I cannot wait for him to be out of this 1st grade class!!!!) anyhow, Flat Stan seemed to enjoy preschool:
The little boy behind Mia, in the striped shirt, has taken a "liking" to my girl.
Daddy has already warned her to watch out for boys like "G" :)

See him with his hands over her head!
I left the camera at school and the teachers took pictures for me...

I love seeing what goes on in her class !
hmmm, notice "G" sitting next to Mia??!

I love the teachers' sense of humor!
This is my kind of school :)

Mia still has a "thing" for our godson, Brandon.
She was flirting up a storm and following him around
at the Bat Mitzvah :)
He's a respectable fellow though :)

Happy to be outside - riding her bike :)
I took this video below the other day. Mia went up to her room (which I have to post photos of her new big girl bed and furniture...once it's all done!) and put on her CD player. She loves the Mickey M*use Clubhouse show (which is perfect since we're headed that way in a few weeks!) and she put on her Mickey music ~ I went up to check on her and this is what I saw:


Debbie said...

So cute and love the CD player! LOL

Barbara said...

Oh Jo, the braids on Mia are just adorable. She looks so cute. Flat Stanly was kept really busy at your house :) She looks like an old pro on her new bicycle!