Thursday, March 25, 2010


Eddie and all the first graders have been practicing up a storm - dancing & more dancing! They had their country-western dance show yesterday and my boy was very excited...his partner was his "future wife" ! Yup, Eddie has a crush; and she is returning the crush-feelings :) Eddie talks about "I" all the time and keeps asking questions like, "well, when can we get married?" It is jus so sweet - he really looks forward to seeing her everyday. Needless to say, he was thrilled to have her as his dance partner! very bad quality photo, I know
But, such sweet dancing!
Eddie doing the "chicken dance"
see Mia??!

Eddie and my future daughter-in-law!
So, Eddie is not the only one talking about marriage and weddings...Mia has been looking at our wedding photo and asking questions. She wanted to put on a white dress like mommy! My little cutie-pie looked so precious ~ of course, I had to snap away:
looking at her wedding ring!
(It's yellow, plastic diamond cut!)

Her bouquet was ripped out of my vase...
cute none the less :)
Enjoy my sweetness:


Barbara said...

Eddie is just too cute! I get such a kick out of him :) There is a lof of wedding talk at your house...very cute. Tell Mia Aunt B thinks she is a beautiful bride and I LOVE her ring!

Debbie said...

So many weddings plans to think of! WOW... this was yet another adorable post! Eddie is gonna be a great husband and Mia the most beautiful blushing bride! :)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

ooooohhhh just love the wedding video... Mia sure has a lot to say these days...hmmm daughter in law???? ha

Colleen said...

So so sweet! I'm envious of your little bride! :) Faith would never want to dress in a gown.....maybe by the time she gets married some day she will change her mind. lol!
Happy Easter Joanne!!!