Saturday, April 03, 2010


Last weekend we got together with the "C" family to color our Easter eggs! This is such a fun tradition, that we started just a few years ago - the kids love getting together (and so do the parents!!) and there is always lots of laughs and fun :)
The "C" Sisters!

Mr. Max

My pretty girl!

My Eddie-boy with his eggs, I found a camo egg kit and he was thrilled.
He is looking so mature in this little man will be
7 years old the end of the!
Our girls share such a special friendship ~ it is So sweet

This year the mom's hid the eggs (last year the dad's messed that up!)
I love how M&M are running in different directions - such excitement!
Mia's fist is clutched with excitement!! so cute ~

"Oh yeah!"

Looks like I caught them doing something??!
Thanks "C" family for having us over for such a fun evening!
We love you guys :)

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barbara said...

It is great to get together. Thanks to your family for coming and making it so much fun! Love Mia's clenched cute!