Sunday, April 04, 2010


What lovely Easter weather we had today :) It was in the 70s, sunny and just a gorgeous day. The boys woke up early, but of course sleeping beauty wasn't up yet :) I let the boys go downstairs and check out what the Easter Bunny had left them~
Oooooooooo, are they handsome!!

Mia was up soon after - I love the way Penny has to be a part of everything...she kept poking her nose around all the loot...maybe looking for her Easter basket?!

We were going to my brothers for Easter dinner - we were bringing a side dish (parsley potatoes - yummy!) and I made these cute cupcakes...they had a bit of an accident on the way inside and got smushed and squashed, but they were still good :)

My 3 cutie-pies after church
I brided them with their chocolate bunnies to get these photos :)

My handsome little man lost a tooth yesterday too!
He wanted to know who would be coming first last night:
the Easter Bunny
the Tooth Fairy?

These little shoes, with the tiny heels made Mia
SO happy!
Thanks Maddy :)
She picked out this pocketbook - it is So "sequin-y"
Meggie stopped for a quick visit - I just happened to have my camera handy :)
Such pretty girls :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful day ~

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Barbara said...

Happy Easter to you :) What great shots...the bribing really works, right??? LOL! Love the first shot of the boys...just great and the last one of Mia says so that smile!