Thursday, April 08, 2010


Mia and I have really been enjoying the Spring (and even Summer!) weather the last few days. She just loves to ride her bike, her scooter, the swing - she's not picking, as long as she's outside :) She just puts her all in everything she does and smiles through it all ~ she's such a blessing and a cutie pie!! There were a few days that she was quiet the handful though, not sure if she wasn't getting enough sleep (in her new big girl bed...which I keep forgetting to post pictures of her new furniture!) or what was going on, but I'm happy to say she's back to her old self...

The other day we had a party at a Plastercraze place. Mia picked out ballet slippers (big smile here!) and then when asked which colors she wanted, she replied "pink" "purple" ~ another big smile here :) I just love that she is girly :)

Here she is sitting next to her buddy "G", they always seem
to sit next to each other :)
They played such simple games as Hot Potato, Freeze Dance & Limbo ~
the kids had a so much fun! The party consisted of the preschool class; which
was a great idea because the kids were all so familiar with each other and it was
nice to see them all interact :)

I took a few photos of Mia and her finished project when we got home.
When we put the ballet slippers down on the table she looked down at them and said:

"I SO proud!" How cute is that?!

Anthony had his opening day game and they won 14-2 ~ he's on a really good team again this year! My boy is just getting more mature and so much taller! But, he's not taller than his mommy....yet!

Anthony under his recent art project picture ~

My boy is talented!
Mia has been on cloud 9 lately...she can finally wear flip flops!! The correct way! Here's a video I shot to prove it:


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