Monday, April 19, 2010


We were all so excited to go to Busch Gardens, I haven't been since I was kid and I remember it being beautiful. It was almost an hours drive from our resort, but it went quickly.

Mommy "C" and Maddy

All my boys :)

Mia was loving the merry-go-rounds
(they make mommy dizzy!)

The boys in front of a tiger-busch-sculpture
There were so many of these gorgeous buschs', one of my
favorites, that I didn't get a picture of was the butterfly!
There were a lot of rollercoasters for the big kids, even my Eddie was able to go on most. He actually went on his first upside down rollercoaster, to mommys dismay! My little guy was so mature during this trip -he's really growing up!

Mia and Maddy
The little ones enjoyed the Sesame Safari rides - this area was geared towards this age group and they had a lot of fun there. Air Grover was a kiddie rollercoaster, or so they said, I thought it was a bit wild!! There was a huge treehouse for the kids to climb - it was a bit overwhelming and went so many different ways that it was hard to keep track of everyone!

Daddy and his little "cupcake"
Anthony loved all the twisty, turny rollercoasters and could not get enough. This was one of his favorite parks. He was really looking forward to seeing the flamingos, my boys LOVES these pink birds (for some reason). We didn't realize that you could pet them when the park first opens and we missed it :( Then when we tryed to go to the bird park, it was closed!! I was so disappointed for him - he was too, but went with the flow...there are more flamingos to come during our week!

While the dads and big kids went on one of the many rollercoasters, we took the little ones over to some rocks and animal sculptures to play around. Who needs a ride!

When we were almost done playing around, taking pictures and riding animals...we noticed the rocks were stamped with "please do not climb the rocks"
We ended our day with a late Italian meal, which was delicious! I wasn't sure Mia would be able to handle it, it had been a long day, but she did great. Mia and Eddie fell asleep in the car on the way back to the resort - it was an exhausting and full day!
All in all BG was very pretty and had tons of rides for older kids. There was an area for the little ones, but these rides were what you could find at any fair. The Sesame area was very nice and had a mini flume ride and few others to go on.
Our first full day of our vacation was fun! We always have fun with the "C" family - things can get crazy with 12 of us walking around the park, but it just always seems to work :)

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Barbara said...

Boy does it work well...the kids really had a ball together...I love to watch them all have so much fun. I had a great time with you all as well. Feels like ages since I've seen you :) XOXO