Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Mia and I wore our "matching outfits" today from J*Crew - my very favorite store now for a while :) It is sooooooo much fun to shop for mother/daughter stuff...I digress! Anyhow, we woke early for our princess breakfast; which was at Epcot (Norway) - Mia was so very excited, that was until she encountered the princesses,than she became star struck!
Mia and Daddy at the resort!

Eddie wanted his picture taken everywhere!
I was enjoying my usually camera-shy boy this trip :)

Cinderella was gorgeous!
Anthony was sitting at the end of the kids table,
and whenever a princess came over
they went right to him :)
Cinderella, a true princess & mommy

Ariel with her "Sailors"
I loved how each princess was totally in character.
I just loved how Ariel called the boys "Sailors" !!
Snow White was my favorite
She had the true Squeaky, high voice!

China Princess!
After breakfast we hit the rides! A great memory I have of this day is going on "Soarin" with my boys! It was so relaxing and beautiful. We did the "child swap" and when I got off, Ed went on with the boys and I stayed with Mia - worked out great.
Epcot = beers in every country for the guys :)
3 Crazy kids!
Me, Mich & Barb
I do not want to forget to thank my wonderful girlfriends for
an amazing time together. All the craziness wouldn't have been
the same with out you (we missed you Deb!!!!)
There was some major flirting going on during this trip;
one of the flirts is seated in the middle!!

Ice cream stop!

While in Epcot Italy the girls started dancing to the live music - it was so adorable to watch and hear their laughs and squeals of delight :) I will try to post the video at the bottom of this post...

Lady & the Tramp
and some nutty kids :)
This one's for you Aunt Debbie!
Dinner was in Epcot Japan at a Hibachi restaurant; unfortunately our group was so large that our families had to sit seperately. The kids enjoyed watching our very animated chef perform and cook :) A very funny moment is when Mia picked up the chop sticks and asked "what these mommy?" Oh boy, the People's Republic of China would not be happy with me!! We all used chop sticks at our table (even Eddie for a little while) except for our China princess :)
We had about a 1/2 hour to spend in Epcot China - we almost bought zodiac t-shirts but changed our mind at the last minute. Mia enjoyed sitting in the panda display - as you can see :) The workers there (most from China) commented on how lucky she was to be with us. This always makes me uncomfortable - how do you explain how much joy this one little girl has brought to our family? I know we are the lucky ones beyond measure!!
Below is a video of Mia and Madison dancing to the live music in Epcot Italy:


Debbie said...

Love seeing all of the fun pictures! I missed you all soooo much! BUT I was there in Disney spirit and our TEXTING and daily pics!!! I think I traveled with you all every step of the way, rides and all (even the It's a Small World (for I never laughed so hard!).. LOL!!! My favorite pic of course.. my LADY AND THE TRAMP.. almost made me cry! Makes this Aunt Debbie so happy :)
So glad the kids (and the Mommies/Daddies and Aunt Michie) had a MAGICAL time.. the looks on the kid's faces are priceless and worth every crazy fun-filled moment! Keep pics and videos a'coming!

Barbara said...

Oh Jo, seems like a lifetime ago. Love the video...so glad you caught that! Also love the picture of Mia with the display of Panda bears. These are great memories. Hard to believe one week ago we were still there...where does the time go?