Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Who doesn't love Seaworld?!
We were all looking forward to seeing the
dolphins, the shows and our luau dinner!!
(I think today is the day they "found" Mia's car seat too.
We had been using a loaner until they could locate
her car was lost somewhere between L.I. and Florida!!)

More flirting,
more cuteness :)

I saw this little girl at one of the parks with a BAB panda in a red silk outfit -
I had to get one for Mia! So, we found a shop while the big kids were on
a ride and picked out our panda bear, stuffed her (she was named "Emma")
and then to choose her outfit...of course, Mia wanted pink...
Mommy wanted the red Chinese silk outfit with the matching pocketbook!
we both won...but of course, "Emma" wore her pink, tutu outfit :)
(Still waiting for her silks to be put on :)

The Shamu show was very different after the recent death of one of the trainers.
I was very surprised that the trainers still got so close to the whales; however,
they did not go into the tank with the whales...
(we all thought the show used to be better)

We spent a lot of time at Shamu's Happy Harbor.
The kids could go on all the rides; while Anthony and the
older kids went on such rides as Manta;
the new sting ray roller coaster - which he loved!

Those petting hands belong to my
Anthony & Eddie!
They loved feeding the dolphins...
I watched from behind the fence (with Mia asleep in the stroller);
they changed the rules a bit, and now everyone who came into the dolphin area
had to pay for a tray of food.
Or, you could watch from behind the fence!

My flamingo lovin' boy!
As soon as we entered the park A.Barb spotted stuffed
flamingos in a store window!! The excitement!
These flamingo's are still being loved around our house :)

The Makahiki Luau at the Sea Fire Inn was amazing!
The show was entertaining, funny & the costumes where beautiful!
The hula dancers and music were great and the food was really good too :)

Miss grumpy-pants had just woken from an afternoon nap
and was in a less than perfect mood. We took our complimentary
photo with a "head-less" Mia...all of us smiling with our leis and
Miss Mia like this!! She did eventually come out and enjoy :)

Flamingo Love

Since Eddie's birthday was coming up
we had a candle put in his dessert (for the 100th time!)
and sang to my handsome little guy :)

We got back to our room quiet late and found
ourselves unable to enter our room! For some
reason the card key did not work and we had to
wait for daddy to get another...


Barbara said...

So nice to look back and enjoy the pictures. I didn't realize just how inseparable Eddie and Madison were :) So sweet! XOXO

Debbie said...

OMG, I love that picture of Eddie and Maddie! These are such great memories! Oh, and the Luau, what a nice dinner... great family shot, the whole crazy group!