Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We started off our morning with a delicious I*HOP breakfast - the kids were excited to go to the other side of Universal this time. I wasn't sure this park would be much fun for the little ones, but it turned out to be a great idea!

Mia just flirted shamelessly with Brandon during this trip!

While the big kids and dads ran to the roller coasters,
we went to "Seuss Landing"; which was SO colorful!!!
Where ever you went it was so detailed and
just crazy-fun - great!

The Seuss play area had lots of tunnels, in's and out's
and interesting creatures :)

This was the only ride that disappointed, it was a
train ride above Seuss Landing, but it was so quick and
was not worth that loooong wait at all.
Oh the love :)
Eddie and Max :)

We all agree that the Spiderman 3D ride was totally the best!! This ride had lots of twists and turns and bad guys "jumping" at you - but in a fun way and not too scarey. As soon as the boys got off the ride, they ran over to me and said, "mom you have to come on with us !" I'm so glad I did :)
My sweet gun-toting daughter...

We stopped for dinner on the way out of Island of Ad. and went to Margaritaville. What a fun, delicious dinner! There was a man on stilts who entertained us with balloon making; and when he found out Eddie's birthday was coming up - he challenged him to a sword fight! Eddie won the duel and popped the man's sword/balloon twice - it was so much fun! As we waited for the food, we took turns shopping in the Margaritaville store - ahhh eating and food wrapped up into one - perfect!
Birthday boy (again!) with his sword and bday hat :)

While we ate, Anthony was having a shirt made up -
he was thrilled with the outcome... what a nut :)


Barbara said...

What a crazy bunch we are. I just love the picture of Mia hugging Anthony :) It is so nice to relive the trip through your blog!

Debbie said...

Great pics Jo, so many happy smiles!
Ant- that T-shirt you got does ROCK! So cute for your beloved Flamingos!! :)