Thursday, April 22, 2010


We arrived at the Crystal Palace restaurant for our 10:30 character breakfast, but had to wait quiet a while for the previous breakfast to finish up...we were hungry! Once inside the kids enjoyed meeting Pooh and friends - so far we have done this breakfast every time we've been to MK ~
Of course, we had them sing
"Happy Bday" to Eddie...again :)
We went on a few rides before the moms took the little girls; Mia and Maddy to Cinderella's Castle - the Bibbidi Bobbidi*Boutique!!! The time was finally here...all the waiting and wondering (if both or one of our girls would actually do it!) was here:

The boutique was buzzing with excitement as soon as we entered! It was right out of a storybook - beautifully decorated with thick, velvet curtains and many fairy godmothers fluttering about! We were escorted to one of the dressing rooms; where we changed the girls into their princess costumes - the mood was lightening a bit...with Mia telling "secrets" to Maddy -which consisted of "sha sha sha" or something like that - she is so silly :)

As we waited our turn in the waiting room, Maddy sat on mommy's lap observing everything; and Mia browsed the rack of princess gowns and shoes :) Mia had to make a quick bathroom break - oh, the timing!! When we returned it was time for Mia to climb up on her "throne" for her makeover!

She pointed to the picture of her desired hair do,
sat still as her fairy godmother combed and pulled her hair into a bun!
...had her tiny little nails polished :)

I love how Maddy has her little hands clasped together!
So sweet:)
Barb and I sat there amazed and teary eyed.
It really was a special moment~

The one thing Mia did not want to do
and was a bit nervous about was the eyeshadow:
she told me for months "day poke me in da eye???"
I told her if she didn't want eyeshadow applied that was fine.
SO, when I looked up and saw Mia's wide eyed look...
as the fairy godmother approached with eyeshadow
I had to put a stop to it :)

Ready for the hair spray!

The fairy godmother waves her wand~

When they turned Mia's chair around so she could see in the mirror...
she was amazed! She just kept looking back at herself :)
I found this very emotional. I thought back to all that she has gone through. I thought of all that she has accomplished. How far she has come, especially emotionally; she went from a petrified baby girl, who cringed when touched and who cried when someone got to close to her; to a confident and secure little princess. Needless to say, I was a mess :)
A good, proud, mommy-mess!
When we were all done, we walked across to the
princess store where we took some professional photos.
While Mia waited, she just had to admire herself...again!
Princess Madison & Princess Mia!
After the girls photo shoots, we met up with the others. They all swooned over the little princesses - so sweet!
Daddy & his girl
While everyone else went on the race cars; Mia and I went to Toon Town to see Minnie & Mickey's houses. She enjoyed walking through each house (two or three times) and taking her time looking at every detail. Mia has been obsessed with the Mickey Mouse Club*house show lately so I wanted her to take her time and enjoy :)
Minnie's mailbox!
We went on a few rides again before heading back to Cinderella's Castle, this time for our dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table! We started off by meeting Cinderella and taking photos with her. Then we climbed the circular stairs to the dinning hall. It was just beautiful, fit for all of the princesses! There were wishing stars on the table for everyone;however, Mia decided to collect most of them in her bag! They handed out magic wands for the princesses and swords for the princes. As we ate our dinner (which was quiet good!) the princesses were announced one by one and greeted everyone and took photos. My favorite was Snow White, she was totally in character down to her squeaky voice...she counted 7 of us as her dwarfs and asked who was the grumpiest (we had quiet a few at this point in the trip!), the smartest, shyest, etc. Mia was much more comfortable and talked and took photos galore! Oh the dessert was fabulous (some chocolate-yumminess)!!!
After dinner, our family went back to Toon Town to wait in line for our photo with Mickey & Minnie. I have done this every year we've come! The line was long, but moved quickly - they played old cartoons and that really entertained everyone.

Mickey & Minnie were so fun - they made many silly gestures
and made the kids laugh :) Mia was SO thrilled to meet them
and giggled so much -it was adorable!
What a Magical Day!


Barbara said...

Our we waited for that day :) Yes, we were emotional & very happy :) Such sweet memories. I love Mia's smile when she posed with Pooh and the princesses. SO many nice memories :)

Debbie said...

Just priceless! Brings a tear to my eye.... :)

Colleen said...

Wow Joanne, I am just getting caught up on all of your Orlando posts!! You all really know how to do Orlando!! What a wonderful trip with precious memories!
We did that same Luau at Sea World a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Faith was even up on stage dancing.
I love these princess photos! Living vicariously through you since Faith would never do such a thing!lol
Maybe we can meet up at Disney one of these days!