Friday, April 23, 2010


This would be our last full day in Florida and we had such a tough decision to make... should we go to another park with the crazy "C" family or should we listen to our aching legs and stay behind at our resort?

Well, we took a vote and then voted again...we decided it was best for us to relax a bit and stay around the resort. We woke early and daddy and Anthony walked to the resort restaurant and brought back our breakfast. We all ate outside on the little balcony...I actually sat out there for about 40 minutes while Mia and Eddie were sleeping and daddy and Ant where out getting the food. Oh was it relaxing to just sit and listen to the waterfalls and the birds...yes, it was relaxing :)

We all put our bathing suits on and walked to a pirate pool daddy had found during one of his morning walks. It wasn't open yet, so we went next door to the playground.

The kids really enjoyed the pirate pool and there was also a big water slide that Anthony,and even Eddie loved! We ate our lunch poolside and I enjoyed a delicious pina colada :)

At one point I went back to the room by myself ~ "ahhhh" ~ to pack for our flight back home the next day. Wow, what you can get done all by yourself :) When everyone came back to the room we all changed and headed out for Downtown Disney to meet up with the "C" family! (They had gone to Animal Kingdom, but had to leave early because poor Maddy was running a fever!)
We walked around and shopped a bit, enjoyed some ice cream and shopped a bit more :) We met up with the "C" family and went to the RainTree Cafe for dinner.
This was our last dinner together on our fun and adventurous vacation! We told the waitress we bring our own animals along with us...who needs the thunder and animal noises of the Rain Tree Cafe?!

Our 7 "dwarfs" in the airport in Orlando!
What an amazing, fun, crazy trip we had! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends...really family to spend our time with and to vacation just all works so well when we're together. Not sure if our next vacation will be a Disney-one...we are thinking of maybe an island vacation (not as much walking and running around!) or maybe Atlantis... it will be interesting to see where we end up ~ for now we have these fun memories of our 2010 vacation and what wonderful memories they are :)

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Barbara said...

Yeah, I think we need a Disney Break...or maybe Disney needs a break from the C family lol! Can't wait to see what we come up with next. Yes, we are blessed and I am so thankful to have you all...more thankful than you know XOXO