Friday, May 07, 2010


Eddie's bday party at Laser Kingdom went really well (except for the end of the party where I ended up a bit messy, but more on that later). He just loves army and this was the perfect spot for him to celebrate being 7!
Mikey, Eddie, Ivy & James
Girls rule!!

Ready to play!
Pizza time
little cuties
Mia was so glad to have Madison to play with -
they're so "girly" !!

Although he looks like he's in front of a firing squad...
the kids are singing "Happy bday" to him :)

my handsome guy blowing out all his candles :)
Right after the candles where blown out, I heard Mia crying...she fell off the bench and hit her head. I took her outside the party room to try to calm her down. She was so upset she threw up all over me...poor thing had a lump on the back of her head too!

We also had a birthday visit from U.Roy and Annie! Not only does the birthday boy get a present, but so do the brother & sister!
U.Roy and Eddie

U.Roy always jokes that Eddie will be president one day ~
so we all got a kick out the cake!
Happy Birthday Mr. President :)
I am so relieved that school is going so much better for my boy! I received a phone call from his teacher saying how well he is doing; participating more in class, finishing his work on time ~ I am so proud of him :) I am ready for his school year to end and will look forward to a teacher who is a better fit for next year...

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Barbara said...

Well, Eddie's birthday celebrations were well deserved...from Disney to his actual birthday and the following week. Love to see that big smile on his face...sure love that boy!