Tuesday, June 01, 2010


We had such a gorgeous weekend!
The weather was perfect and we enjoyed bbq's,
the pool and the beach ~ what else could we ask for?!
Mia was SO excited for our friends to come over ~
she was a great little helper :)

My girls!

Mia and Maddy
Mia must have asked 1,000 times when Madison was coming over,
what Maddy was doing, etc!

We had a wild wiffle ball game :)

We broke out the s'mores for the 1st time this season...
"dowels" and all :)
Ant, Stevie & Eddie enjoying the (smokey) fire pit!
Mia loving on her marshmallow
On Sunday we drove to Cupsogue beach in West Hampton ~ I just love driving down Dune Rd and looking at all the beach houses..."ahhh" it's nice to dream :) It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm day - but the water must have been below 40 degrees!!!! We couldn't feel our toes!
Oooo, that smile just lights up the beach!

The boys trying to get into the freezing cold water!

Mia was much more adventurous this year!
"It's cold mommy!!!"
We enjoyed Memorial Day at home, planting some flowers and having a nice bbq together ~ what a great day! Daddy made the boys virgin pina colada's; which they thoroughly enjoyed :)


"Poor" Penny :)
I surprised the kids with red/white/blue jello
(which I don't believe I've ever made jello before!)
This was Eddie's reaction: he wouldn't even taste it!
Mia would only eat the whip cream...
Anthony ate it all :)
Well, at least dinner was good!


Debbie said...

Our times together are always such much fun and oh...so much laughter! The pictures from the Memorial weekend are priceless Jo!
Such great memories!

Barbara said...

Wow, you took more pics then I thought. They came out so nice. Thanks for starting off the summer so nicely, as always!!! Sorry to hear about your jello...I know you had planned that to be special, but Eddie's expression is priceless! Love Mia in that bathing suit...so cute! Here's to a GREAT summer ahead...sure you don't want to take swimming lessons with us LOL!