Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Mia started her gymnastics class back in February and learned so much ~ she's really had fun and enjoyed "gin-nas-ics" and looks forward to the classes; which, by the way, she takes with her buddy, Meaghan! Saturday was their (Big Top -Circus-themed) show and Mia was very excited that daddy would be there to see what she has was daddy :)

The gym was decorated like a circus and Mia's group (the Mini Stars) where dubbed the "clowns"; they had to wear a primary colored outfit ~

Waving to mom & dad!

Since we were not allowed to take photos during the show - most of these are from after the show. I added a video on the bottom of this post of our little gymnast!
I did sneak this photo of the girls admiring their medals :)
"Ta dah!!!"

Mia has been saying she wants to take dance class we will take a break from gymnastics and take a ballet/tap class this summer. She is SO excited to go back to dance class - we are stocking up on her leotards!!

Mia the gymnast:


Debbie said...

Olympic Gold Medalist.. here she comes!That was just precious and the smiles on her face... PRICELESS! :)

Barbara said...

Wow that was adorable!!! Just the cutest!

Colleen said...

How sweet! I love that first picture! I didn't realize she was taking gymnastics. Faith has taken gymnastics this year (we too took a break from dancing)Faith seems to enjoy gymnastics better than dance right now. Not sure what we will do come fall. She has started talking about piano lessons lately. So many different things to try!:)