Saturday, June 10, 2006

June 10, 2006

Held Hostage!

My paperwork for our physicals/doctor's letters were not going to be given to me until I had my MMR (SHOT), so since I had to have my TB test read anyway (2 days after its given), I marched back in for my 4th shot of the week!

I saw the same nurse, but she slithered away and let another nurse take me (this nurse had "heard about me"-how embarrasing!) and she reassured me that it was a small needle and didn't go in the muscle (please stop talking about it and give me the needle!). I told her in my defense that the Hep A & B did have a possible reaction listed and she just smiled and said I'm going "through a lot right now".

Anyway, they will have my paperwork all ready on Tuesday in time for my 2nd Homestudy with my social worker on Thursday. We're moving right along!

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