Friday, June 16, 2006

June 16, 2006 -2nd grade picnic & another homestudy!

We had such a nice time at the 2nd grade picnic ~ relay races and crafts, hot dogs, drinks and of course, yummy watermelon! It was a nice time spent with me and my Ant! He was sooo into the races (as you can see) and really loves his school and teacher. We will miss AMPS - off to LADSB school!
Also, had another meeting with the social worker yesterday ~ it went very well (minus the kids!). We exchanged info and as soon as she writes up the draft of our homestudy, I look it over and make any changes ~ then she e-mails it to my agency and they approve it (hopefully!).

Then, I send the I-600A form (a petition to adopt a foreign orphan) in with the fees and completed homestudy. We then are given an appointment to get our fingerprints done (again! this time by the FBI) It should take 30-90 to get CIS approval (citizenship immigration services) who has to approve us to adopt a foreign child to enter the US. I should be then getting form I-171H/C ~ then I compile the entire dossier and send to the agency ~ I'm out of breath...

Moving right along! Today I have to get a letter of good conduct from our local police dept for the both of us. So many papers ~ so little time!
The quicker I move ~ the quicker we get our girl!

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