Tuesday, June 20, 2006

June 21, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

We had the greatest Father's Day! It was beautiful outside, went to my parents house -saw my brother, sister-in-law and nephews and had a yummy breakfast.

Spent the rest of the day out back, in the pool, playing around, BBQ and just enjoying time as a family - one of those great all around days...

Monday morning I sent out a request for our "letters of good conduct" to the police dept! Even though we had our fingerprints done (still have to do that againby FBI!) you'd think they would see that we are upstanding citizens from that! I am just about done collecting papers as soon as I receive these! Just need my homestudy draft to look over...hopefully she'll call this week?

Hubby has his second round of Hep A & B shots this week, which he's really looking forward too! The guilt :(

Every little bit brings us one step closer to "Alexandra" - yes, we all discussed "her" name on Sunday and it just may be "Alexandra", "Allie" is what I want to call her, hubby likes "Lexie/Lexi" ~ I think we can just give her the nickname as a name, just "Allie" that could be a name ~ but he wants her to have her formal name! So exciting - names!!!!

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