Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23, 2006

Last Day of School!
Well, the school year is over and my sweet boy starts 3rd grade in Sept. He had a great year, a great teacher and a great report card! Gotta love my Ant, do you know any other 7 yr old who would wipe his brothers butt? We just started potty training yesterday- and I was in the shower, so big brother took over! He is the best!

Then you have the little guy...the above, right picture says it all!
Woke up yesterday morning and decided that was it..told him"no more diapers" and he was fine with it and only had one accident! Not bad for Wild-Man - he is 3 1/2 after all and he seems ready -yeah!

Hubby had his second Hep B shot and varicella (chick-pox) vaccine this week - and did fine :) I should be receiving my letter of good conduct letters any day now. Realized the employment letter needed to be notarized (got it back in April and had to ask the office to re-do it, notarize it and send me a new copy - they were so gracious!) and that should be coming any day now too!!!
I'm almost done with gathering the dossier documents...still need homestudy draft also!

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